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Purchasing Guidelines

CabinQuest.US Advertising is primarily for vacation rental owners and related advertisers such as outdoor sporting, vacation and travel related content. Other content may be allowed at the discretion of CabinQuest.us.

All advertisements must comply with the Acceptable Content Polices as described in our Site Disclaimer. Any advertisement found not meeting this criteria will be promptly removed.

Currently Desktop users comprise 60% of our visitors with Tablets following at 30% and other mobile devices at 10%. As a result Ads purchased for Desktops will be displayed to more visitors in a shorter time frame.

Our visitors are mostly in the 35 to 65 age range, with about 60% being female. They include movie, TV and travel lovers; News Junkies and Avid Readers; Home Decor, Outdoor and Cooking Enthusiasts.

Overwhelmingly our visitors are from the United States with occasional visitors from many other parts of the world. Many of which come from organic search and direct links. But a growing number are coming from Social media networks.

The purchasing slots are currently set up to provide approximately 1000 page views in about 30 days. This obviously will fluctuate with traffic volumes during peak and off peak seasons. You may purchase multiple slots if they are available to increase the number of potential views during desired time frames.

Final note. The sorting and priority of listings on CabinQuest.US is driven strictly by popularity and distance from certain locations. No preference is given to any individual property. Through advertising you can ensure that your property is listed at the top of many pages regardless of any other performance factors.

Thanks for Advertising on CabinQuest.US!