Arnesens Rocky Point Resort


Arnesens Rocky Point Resort

Roosevelt, Minnesota

Arnesens Rocky Point Resort

6760 Rocky Point Rd Nw
Roosevelt, Minnesota 56673

Phone: (218) 442-7215

Latitude: 48°57'33"N
Longitude: 95°3'55"S

Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 0.00
Year Built: 0
Square Feet: 0
Floors: 0
Sleeps: 0


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The Arnesen family has inhabited Rocky Point, Minnesota since the site was homesteaded in 1897 by Bernhard Arnesen. Bernhard was soon joined by his wife Agnes and his parents Berent and Kristine. The primary occupation of the family was commercial fishing. The family fished with sail-powered boats and pound nets for sturgeon. The roe was processed into caviar on location and then picked up by steam-powered boats that would transport it north to Kenora, Ontario. From there, a rail link shipped the caviar to the eastern fish markets. Unfortunately the sturgeon population became over-fished and the market for this fish crashed.

Arnesens Rocky Point Resort - Roosevelt, Minnesota