Baldpate Inn


Baldpate Inn

Estes Park, Colorado

Baldpate Inn

4900 South Hwy 7
Estes Park, Colorado 80517

Phone: 866-577-5397 or 970-586-6151

Latitude: 40°9'44"N
Longitude: 105°27'6"S

Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 0.00
Year Built: 0
Square Feet: 0
Floors: 0
Sleeps: 0


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The Baldpate Inn's beginnings originate with a newly married couple, Gordon and Ethel Mace and Gordon's two brothers, Charles and Stuart Mace. In 1911, while visiting Estes Park on their honeymoon, the Maces were so taken with the area's beauty that they decided to homestead the property upon which the Baldpate now stands.
Initially only a small Homestead cabin was built on the land and rhubarb was planted to fulfill the requirements of the Homestead Act. In order to supplement their income, the Mace family built several small tourist cabins which proved to be a huge success.

To accommodate the overwhelming demand for their hospitality, the family made plans to build an inn. With their homestead patent registered as complete on January 22, 1917, the family officially opened The Baldpate Inn as we know it, that same year.

With financial resources being very limited, the Mace family used their talents with what natural resources were available and constructed the inn from hand-hewn timber cut from the property. Massive stone fireplaces were built to provide warmth and hot water. The Baldpate was opened boasting such amenities as hot running water, electric lights, and indoor plumbing!

Baldpate Inn - Estes Park, Colorado