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Cabin rentals in New Mexico

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Recent Reviews
Coopers El Vado Ranch
Tierra Amarilla, NM

5 out of 5   
Submitted by: on 2013-09-16 16:04:49
We had a wonderful stay and will be returning many more time. The staff are super....
Cabins At Cloudcroft
Cloudcroft, NM

1 out of 5   
Submitted by: on 2011-10-17 17:49:59
The pictures are quite deceiving. The cabins are tiny, with very uncomfortable furnishings. Beds wer...
5 out of 5   
Submitted by: on 2008-07-22 23:28:31
Need cabin(s) for 14 people (9 adults 5 children)...
The Cottages
Silver City, NM

5 out of 5   
Submitted by: on 2008-03-31 15:41:01
This charming place has closed....
New Mexico Cabin Rental Information
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New Mexico National Parks - Official site from the National Park Service with information on all of the parks in the state.


Spruce Cabins

100 Lynx Ave,
Cloudcroft, NM
We have plenty of cabins available in a variety of sizes for the weekends. Many of our cabins have new beds. We have one cabin available that is handicap accessible.

Upon making your reservation, we require 1 night's rent as a deposit (non-refundable), with the balance being due upon check-in. Christmas reservations must be paid in full one month before arrival date. Some holidays require a minimum stay call 575-682-2381 or 877-682-2381 for details. Checks are only accepted if received at our office 2 weeks before check-in.

One night rentals are welcome with an additional $15 cleaning fee.
We are happy to waive the cleaning fee for stays of 2 nights or more.

Please enjoy visiting our site & viewing the properties that we have available for rent. For additional properties available for rent, please visit www.amigorealtyllc.com.

Sherwood Forest Cabins

711 Main Road,
Ruidoso, NM
Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 1 customer reviews
Sherwood Forest Cabins
5 out of 5   
Submitted by: on 2008-07-22 23:28:31
Need cabin(s) for 14 people (9 adults 5 children)

Adobe Belle Resort

500 Captain Kramer Ln,
Conchas Dam, NM

Noisy Water Lodge

1013 Main Rd,
Ruidoso, NM
Originating in 1939, Noisy Water Lodge is situated directly across from the Rio Ruidoso and boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the Upper Canyon. The surrounding 100' pine trees can be fully appreciated from the individual decks on each cabin. The cabins are continually upgraded, and come in a
variety of sizes, each with its own unique personality.

The meeting hall, Rustic Pines, was originally built as a Dance Hall. It has
kitchen facilities and is available for guests/groups staying at the Lodge.
It can accommodate family reunions and larger gatherings up to
approximately 50 people.

The rental rates vary with the seasons. High season rates are applied mid-
June to mid-September; mid-December to mid-January and major holiday weekends. All other times are considered low season. Early booking is
a must, especially during the summer months and over Christmas.

Caribel Condominiums

700 W Claim Jumper Rd,
Red River, NM
With the comforts of home plus more, the Caribel is your mountain home away from home.
Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the southern Rockies, Red River has been called the Mountain Playground of the Southwest scenic and cool with an average daytime temperature of 74
. It is a premier summer destination for fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding and guided jeep tours to the high country meadows and historic mining districts of northern New Mexico. Fall is always spectacular with sunny days, cobalt skies and shimmering golden aspens, before transforming into a winter wonderland for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and sledding activities. Add year-round shopping, dining and entertainment and you've got a first-class ticket to vacation adventure.
We have various rental options available.

Burro Mountain Homestead - Southwest Camper Ranches

665 Tyrone Road,
Silver City, NM
BMH is located just outside Silver city and nestled in the pines of the Gila National Forest at the base of Burro Mountain. The elevation at the Homestead in southwestern New Mexico is about 6700 feet. Mule deer roam the camp. There are full hookups, boondock, and long term RV sites. Hiking and ATV trails, rock hounding, bird watching, and abandoned mines surround the ranch. Burro Mountain Homestead is open year round. The summers here are sunny and mild., a cool relief from the surrounding desert.

Capitan Cabins

321 Third Street,
Capitan, NM

Vermejo Park Ranch

2130 Highway 555,
Raton, NM
Vermejo Park Ranch is one of the premier hunting, fishing and nature tourism resorts in the western United States. The ranch spans over an area of 920 square miles and encompasses a variety of ecosystems, such as grassland prairies and high mountain peaks. It provides a host of accommodation options, such as Barker House, Chandler House, Bartlett House and Pennzoil House for hunting, fishing and nature tourism purposes. The ranch occupies the south-central portion of the Park Plateau between the headwaters of the Arkansas and Canadian rivers. Vermejo Park Ranch is ideal for family gatherings, corporate retreats and weekend getaways.

Ponderosa Cabins

104 N Laurel Rd,
Ruidoso, NM

Fairway Meadows Condos

120 Lower Terrace Dr # 22,
Ruidoso, NM
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Tall Pine Resort

1725 Highway 578,
Red River, NM
Tall Pine Camp was established in 1920 by Reed, Richard, and George Oldham, brothers and prospectors who settled in Red River during the gold rush in 1895. They staked the Golden Treasure, Golden Calf, Bunker Hill, and Raton group of claims located beginning 5 miles up Placer Road (the current road to Goose Lake). The camp was originally intended to be headquarters for their mines.

In 1935, the prospector's niece Winifred Oldham Hamilton and her husband Walter moved to Red River from Boulder City, NV, where Walter worked building the Hoover Dam and Winifred taught school to the construction worker's children. Their dream was to help the uncles develop Tall Pine Camp. Travelers seeing the beautiful valley setting frequently stopped and asked to pitch their tents. The family began building cabins to rent, and what is now known as Tall Pine Resort was born.

Winnie & Walter Hamilton and
Florence Oldham.
Various member of the Oldham family were actively involved with Winnie and Walter in the resort's development and operation. Winnie's sisters Mabel and Florence, her brother Nathan (Red), and his children, Walter and Sharon all played a vital role over the years. Walter Oldham's children, Pam and Mike, joined the family during summer vacations from school.

The most recent cabins, the Golden Treasure and Golden Calf, were built on a hill overlooking the lake in 1958. Tall Pine Resort became a popular tourist destination, with several generations of families enjoying the serenity of the resort.

Winnie & Walter Hamilton
In 1990, in her 89th year, Winifred had a dream in which Walter, who had passed away in 1977, told her to "sell, sell, sell." The remaining Oldham family agreed, and the cabins were placed on the market. Winnie would retain her house and the buildings on six acres until her death in January, 1998.

Linda and Richard Green were longtime guests of Tall Pine Resort who, like many others, had dreamed of owning it someday. Linda grew up vacationing here with her family, and brought Richard here after their marriage. Linda's mother's family, the A. B. Clouthiers of Springer, NM, were some of the original tent campers in the twenties and thirties.

The Green's convinced Winnie and the family to sell to them with the promise to keep Tall Pine Resort the special place so many families loved, and began operating the resort in the summer of 1991.

With the help of some dedicated friends who had worked at the resort for sixteen or more years, and the support of our families, the cabins have been updated, but their charm remains. Fishing is better than ever, and our longtime guests are happy.

In 1999, the Green's purchased Winnie's house and six acres from Walter Oldham, so the original homestead is reunited. The office and store are located in Winnie's house at the entrance to Tall Pine Resort. And the dream lives on.

West Winds Lodge and Condos

208 N Eagle Dr,
Ruidoso, NM
The West Winds Lodge in Ruidoso ... we're nestled on a quiet ridge in Ruidoso's cool pines, The West Winds Lodge and Condos offers the perfect overnight, weekend or Ruidoso vacation get-a-way. We offer accommodations for every budget from standard lodge rooms to three story condominiums and everything in between. And all are situated in the same quiet, central location, a short walk to Midtown, the center of Ruidoso's tourist district with its restaurants, shops, galleries and nightlife.

Come stay in Ruidoso with us ... and enjoy a true Ruidoso experience. And with our indoor heated pool and "Star-view" hot tub, we offer comfort and amenities not available at your typical chain hotel. Our Ruidoso Cabin rooms are a guest favorite. We provide a great starting point from which to venture out and enjoy all that our four-season paradise offers the traveler.

Cabins At Cloudcroft

1000 Coyote,
Cloudcroft, NM
Nestled in the tall pines and aspens of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, a four season resort Village located in the Sacramento Mountains (90 miles north of El Paso, 2 hrs from the El Paso International Airport, 40 miles south of Ruidoso) in the Lincoln National Forest.
Rated 1 out of 5 stars based on 1 customer reviews
Cabins At Cloudcroft
1 out of 5   
Submitted by: on 2011-10-17 17:49:59
The pictures are quite deceiving. The cabins are tiny, with very uncomfortable furnishings. Beds were the worst I have slept in. The hot water is only warm for approximately 3 minutes. We stayed 2 nights out of 4 and had enough. Would not reccommend to friends.

Gila Hideaway -Mountain retreat with hot tub

66 N. Fork Walnut Creek Rd.,
Silver City, NM

Horseshoe Motel and Cabins

350 Therma Drive,
Eagle Nest, NM

Buckhorn Cabins

301 James Canyon Hwy 82,
Cloudcroft, NM

Hurd LA Rinconada Gallery

105 LA Rinconada Ln,
San Patricio, NM
The Hurd La Rinconada Gallery sits on a knoll overlooking the Rio Ruidoso and faces north where the greenish copper patina of the roof is visible to approaching visitors. The three story gallery building is built in a "U" shape that collects sunshine in the winter and offers shelter from the spring winds. It is located on the south east corner of the emerald polo field which gave rise to "la Rinconada", a Spanish word referring to that corner, and the many corners of the building.

Designed with two wings flanking a center pavilion showroom, the gallery features the 12/12 pitched roof style drawn from the early adobe structures in nearby Lincoln and Fort Stanton, where the Virginia origins of Civil War architecture are seen. The gallery is built with exposed, stabilized adobe which fits in with the traditional style. Designed by Michael Hurd, construction of the gallery began in 1985. By the end of 1986, the gallery opened to the public, showcasing the many works of the Hurd family.

Lodge Resort and Spa

601 Corona Pl,
Cloudcroft, NM
Founded in 1899, The Lodge Resort and Spa is a 55-plus-room facility that provides a range of recreational services. It features a nine-hole golf course and fitness room with cardiovascular equipment. The resort also features a 10,000-plus-square-foot banquet hall for meetings and special events. The Lodge Resort and Spa s Rebeccas restaurant serves southwestern and continental cuisines. It includes a outdoor heated swimming pool and hot tub, as well as organizes various lawn games, including croquet, volleyball and horseshoes. The resort s lounge serves a selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The Lodge Resort and Spa organizes group golf outings and offers bike rental services. It also organizes art workshops and cross-country skiing, fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling and horse racing events. The resort hosts wedding receptions and offers a seating arrangement for more than 200 guests.

Los Alamos Ski Club

379 Camp May Rd,
Los Alamos, NM
Los Alamos Ski Club provides a variety of membership packages. The private club caters to the needs of children, adults and senior citizens. It owns and operates Pajarito Mountain Ski Area, which spreads across more than 740 acres. In addition, Los Alamos Ski Club organizes a range of events, tournaments and camps. The club teaches skiing skills to beginners. It offers information about equipment and safety considerations. Los Alamos Ski Club provides mountain biking and hiking opportunities. The club has a ski patrol unit that employs over 50 staff members. It also offers volunteer opportunities. Los Alamos Ski Club provides snow reports and trailing maps.
Cabin rentals in New Mexico