About Us

About CabinQuest.US

CabinQuest.US was started after a personal search for cabin rentals in 2003. There wasn't a national or even many regional sites that provided good information on cabins. That led to the idea that there needed to be a national directory of privately owned rental properties. While CabinQuest is the name, we don't just limit the properties listed on the site to cabins. We accept all privately owned rental properties. We hope that you find this site useful in your search for that great vacation location.

Information Sources

CabinQuest has collected information over the years from numerous sources including visitors to the site, cabin owners, cabin associations and public domain sources. We do our best to keep information up to date as possible and we depend on our users and customers alike to help get that done. If you see that there is inaccurate information, let us know and we'll get it corrected right a way.

The Good and Bad

The primary purpose of this site is to provide good quality reviews of the listings that are represented on the site. This means good or bad the information will stay on the site. Being fair about it we give equal opportunity to customers and owners to represent their opinions and stories. We will however, we will not tolerate foul language and personal attacks. Those postings will be removed.

It's a free service

The property listing service is free. Customers can recommend additions and property owners can do the same. And no one receives a preference. Advertising pays the rent and in the future there may be opportunity for property owners to purchase advertising but that will in no way affect the quality of the listing that they are provided.

No Preferences

One of the features of CabinQuest.US is that it presents trending locations and properties on a monthly basis. This is not managed by CabinQuest.US but is strictly driven by the clicks of the customers. If properties in Branson Missouri are clicked more than other areas. Branson will rise up as one of the trending locations for that month. This often provides unique information regarding vacation hot spots that you may not otherwise be familiar with.

We hope you find CabinQuest.US useful in your vacation rental search. Send us a note if you have any questions or we can help in any way.

God Bless, CabinQuest.US!