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Cabo Gate House

6354 N Patriot Dr
Owasso, OK


Own Room

N 153rd E Ave
Owasso, OK

We have a 2,000 sq ft home that can sleep up to 6 guest We have one queen real bed, couches and full size air mattresses The room that has the real bed is private and will only share a quite large bathroom with maybe a teenager ( if he is even home) The room is on the opposite end of house than our room, so guest will have almost half the house to themselvesLocation of home is in a great neighborhood that has a pool that is walking distance from the house and a beautiful park right by We are 15 mins to Tulsa, Oolagah lake,Claremore,and other surrounding towns We are very open-minded, free spirited and health conscience couple We have Three kids (two are teenagers) but only one lives with us full-time We schedule guest around the kids We have a large kitchen and plenty of room in the fridge We dont mind a little bit of alcohol but no parties please If you smoke we require you to smoke outside No drugs We have one small cat that is mostly outside We love to meet new people from all over the world So all are welcomed

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Beavers Bend Log Cabins

Hwy 259a
Broken Bow, OK

 Rated 5 based on 1 customer reviews
We had such a wonderful time at the cabin. Everything about it was great! It has a great location, great surroundings, great amenities, and you keep the cabin in such great shape! We look forward to the next time we have an opportunity to come back.
Submitted by: on 2011-07-21 09:13:11

Honey Creek Resort and Motel

2511 S. Main St.
Grove, OK

RentHoney+Creek+Resort+and+Motel at 2511 S. Main St. Grove, Oklahoma
 Rated 5 based on 1 customer reviews
Honey Creek Resort is one of my boyfriend's and my favorite spots to go. It is quiet and peaceful. The fishing dock is looking good after the renovations. The cabins are looking good after the remodelings. The cabins are close to the water and everything is neat and clean. I would recommend this spot to anyone looking to spend quiet time with their family.
Submitted by: on 2009-11-09 10:47:52

Cliff Dwellings

7 Miami Drive
Monkey Island, OK


Secluded Acres

9 Mi. N Hwy 259
Broken Bow, OK

RentSecluded+Acres at 9 Mi. N Hwy 259 Broken Bow, Oklahoma
 Rated 5 based on 2 customer reviews
We stayed in the Jimmy cabin over Memorial Day weekend 2011 (we paid a premium in-season, holiday rate) with some friends but unfortunately our experience wasn\'t pleasant. First, the cabin was decently clean but lacked several minor amenities, when put together, were troublesome. Specifically, there was no soap anywhere in the cabin other than the hand soap and dish soap in the kitchen (however the cabin owner does own a small store across the highway where you can buy your own soap for the shower and bathrooms which seems like a racket). Next, the website lists the cabin as having a dishwasher however we quickly found out after dinner Friday evening that it did not work. The next morning we found out the coffee maker didn\'t work either (an ammenity we emailed about prior to reserving the cabin which we were assured was available and functional). When we told the owner about the situation he apologized about the dishwasher and said he knew it didn\'t work but that he forgot to tell us. Who really wants to wash dishes on vacation after every meal each day? Three meals per day for three days makes for a lot of additional work, an unfortunate necessity, since the cabin only had a smattering of dishes and flatware. We asked for some financial consideration due to the dishwasher not working and he essentially shrugged off our request and said too bad. As for the coffee maker he did bring us a new one later that evening. We paid $145 plus an extra $60 per night because we had a total of three adults and three small children (all age 5 -- their website states small children are free though but apparently the owner\'s idea of small child is actually an infant). The rate of $200 plus per night was MUCH higher than other cabins we have stayed in the same area which were FAR better equipped and better managed. All in all the cabin served it\'s purpose but when considering the product we received we would have had a much nicer experience at other cabins in the area for an equal, if not lower, rate. I would say the quality of the cabin is FAR more inline with their base rate of $75/night when considering their lack of attention to detail (no soap, paper towels or toilet paper) and their brush-off customer service attitude. The area has a lot to offer for fun cabin experiences and it is my opinion Secluded Acres is not one of them.
Submitted by: on 2011-06-01 18:43:57
We stayed over Labor day weekend and was very disapointed in Secluded Acres. The map is very decesiving on how it really is. The traffic noise is so loud that I was unable to sleep. The site states that if you have water and electric the price is $25.00 yet he charged us 33.00 and refused to credit us back the difference. I had ask to please not charge my card that I woudl bring cash and he used it anyway. I will never stay here again. In business I feel that you should honor what is written in black and white on your site and he just would not honnor that or give anytype of refund for the fact that you are right on the road with all the semi truck.
Submitted by: on 2010-09-07 14:23:54

Riverwalk Cabins

PO Box 525
Talihina, OK


Beavers Bend Adventures

13 Mi. N Hwy 259
Broken Bow, OK

RentBeavers+Bend+Adventures at 13 Mi. N Hwy 259 Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Buffalo Gap

3901 Highway 77 # D
Davis, OK


Horse Heaven Ranch

1 Horse Heaven Ln
Talihina, OK