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Lazy H Cabin Rentals

14889 Old Route 50
Bainbridge, OH

  2.1 Miles

TU-Lakes Motel

7420 N Beach Rd
Hillsboro, OH

  6.4 Miles

Holiday Cottages

6837 Mccoppin Mill Rd
Hillsboro, OH

  7.6 Miles

Serenity Log Cabins

4354 Sweeney Ln
Hillsboro, OH

  14.1 Miles

Serenity Log Cabins

4354 Sweeney Ln.
Hillsboro, OH

  14.1 Miles

Lakewood Village Resort

8273 State Route 73
Hillsboro, OH

  14.8 Miles

Line Shack

2432 State Route 753 SE
Washington Ct Hs, OH

  19.3 Miles

Woods Hollow Cabin

1537 Woods Hollow Rd.
Chillicothe, OH

  22.6 Miles
RentWoods+Hollow+Cabin at 1537 Woods Hollow Rd. Chillicothe, Ohio

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Heart Of The Country Cabins

11665 Dalton Road
Rockbridge, OH


Hocking Hills Frontier Log Cabins

18381 Thompson ridge rd
Laurelville, OH

RentHocking+Hills+Frontier+Log+Cabins at 18381 Thompson ridge rd Laurelville, Ohio

martinwoods cabins

st rt 664
logan, OH

Rentmartinwoods+cabins at st rt 664 logan, Ohio

At Lake Logan Country Cottages

30145 Lake Logan Rd.
Logan, OH

 Rated 0 based on 1 customer reviews
We made reservations for 4 people then changed it to 2 people a few days before we arrived. We had 2 guests over and informed landlord Sally Queen that we would have guests. Around midnight she came over irate, blocked our cars in, barged into the trailer, and demanded we pay another $112.50 for additional people after we already paid $305 cash for this nasty and smelly trailer. Sally refused to let us leave even after she asked us to leave and we all agreed to leave. But what she really wanted was money and to cause trouble so she then called the police on us, and her husband told us we were all going to be arrested. She said the contract was for 2 people, not 4, and told the sheriff we didn't pay our full bill. The sheriff made all 4 of us leave b/c she claimed we violated the contract. She had no contract to show them, and what was agreed to at the time of booking was for 4 people to stay, not the 2 she claimed. We weren't causing any trouble, she and her husband harassed us, barged in after we told them not to enter the premises, and began rummaging through all the drawers and cabinets which had our belongings in them. They refused to refund any money and forced us to drive an hour home at 1am in a pour thunderstorm. This was the most stressful trip of my life. Save yourself the trouble and stay at a legit hotel chain, not with these money hungry white trash in their trailers that they call cabins. We could have stayed at the holiday inn down the street for $270 and actually got to stay there the 2nd night and not risk our lives driving home.
Submitted by: on 2011-06-05 13:29:49

Gentle Breeze Cabins

10448 Rich Hollow Road
Lancaster, OH


Cassadys Hilltop Cabin

16851 Route 664 South
Logan, OH

 Rated 0 based on 2 customer reviews
We stayed at the cabin called The Trail in 2007 and we loved it! The owner was great and the area was very private. There was plenty of beds to accommodate more than the 2 of us but we mainly used the cabin for sleep, breakfast, and dinner since we were constantly on the go seeing the beautiful sights of Hocking Hills. I've looked at many cabins and we couldn't beat the price. We originally chose the other cabin but we didn't like the toilet next to the bed; however, The Trail has its own separate bathroom. Lovely place to stay and visit!
Submitted by: on 2014-05-12 20:59:18
Where to begin. First off the service is HORRIBLE they do not return phone calls. So don't count on getting service if you are having any issues. The Cabin we stayed in reeked of mildew, had a mouse running around the inside and ants crawling all over the couch. I moved the couch and laid a pile of ants under the couch. The cabin is said to sleep 6-8 people but had 1 knife and maybe 5 plastic plates plates? I was not aware you had to bring your utensils to a "furnished" cabin. The grill was on its last leg the top cover falls off. This place ruined my who stay the owners are rude and horrible business people and have no business providing a service to others.
Submitted by: on 2011-05-31 14:44:53

The Captains Quarters

529 Sixth Street
Portsmouth, OH


Old Mans Cave Chalets

18905 State Route 664
Logan, OH


Fairgreens Country Cabins

601 Fairgreens Rd.
Jackson, OH