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Hartsook Inn

900 Highway 101
Garberville, CA


Descanso Rock Cabin

25121 Oak Lane
Descanso, CA

RentDescanso+Rock+Cabin at 25121 Oak Lane Descanso, California

Cardinal Village Resort

321 Cardinal Rd
Bishop, CA


Turtle Rocks Oceanfront Inn

3392 Patricks Point Drive
Trinidad, CA


Emerald Forest Of Trinidad

753 Patricks Point Drive
Trinidad, CA


Eagles Nest Winery and Cottage

18261 Chablis Road
Ramona, CA


Doc and Als Camp and Cabin

85 Twin Lakes Rd
Bridgeport, CA


Eden Paradise Retreat

605 Hwy 78 (banner Grade)
Julian, CA

 Rated 0 based on 2 customer reviews
I was part of the 6 women weekend. Beautiful driveway, beautiful name, but when I saw it was a trailer, what a disappointment. We wanted to all have a meal together but there wasn't even a table for all of us to sit at - just a coffee table and a cluttered bar in kitchen. Over 65 psychodelic paintings on the walls - painted by owner (that should have told us something right there). Bathrooms smelled dirty as did the large bedroom. I would NEVER RECOMMEND this place.
Submitted by: on 2011-02-21 18:57:08
This place is a dumpy TRAILER! They didn't tell us that when we called. We had 6 females - relatives & good friends away for the weekend at this dump. They gave us 4 threadbare towels for 6 women for 3 days??? No A/C except cheap window fan in master bedroom. Just overhead fans. No screens on windows to let fresh air in w/out hundreds of bugs. Master bedroom smelled. We left after one night. IT WAS AWFUL!
Submitted by: on 2011-02-21 18:51:35

Squirrel Creek Ranch

12971 Squirrel Creek Road
Grass Valley, CA