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Descanso Rock Cabin

25121 Oak Lane
Descanso, CA

RentDescanso+Rock+Cabin at 25121 Oak Lane Descanso, California

Blue Bird Cottage Inn

26905 Highway 243
Idyllwild, CA

RentBlue+Bird+Cottage+Inn at 26905 Highway 243 Idyllwild, California
 Rated 5 based on 1 customer reviews
Cabins were great! The people running the motel were super as well!Our pets had a great time enjoying the early morning walks and talking to the birds and squirrels.
Submitted by: on 2008-05-08 01:32:28

Lakeview Cottages

P O Box 177
Lakeshore, CA


Lake Cuyamaca Condos

15027 Highway 79
Julian, CA


Tamarack Motor Lodge

55380 Flint Ridge Road
Lakeshore, CA


Klamath River Lodge

Highway 96
Orleans, CA


Ventana Inn & Spa

48123 Hwy 1
Big Sur, CA


Vermilion Valley Resort

P O Box 258
Lakeshore, CA


Blue Jay Lodge

10600 Sunrise Highway
Mt. Laguna, CA